Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?

After a brief lull, I think we are about to enter into another Golden Age of television. Or maybe it is the same Golden Age as before, there just was a lull in it. I’m not a Professor of “how ages work.” But, that new FX show Justified premiered last night, and admittedly, I have only watched the first half, but what a first half! I really am enjoying it so far. On top of that you have The Pacific, which started on Sunday, and is also “great” (for lack of a better term, although somehow that seems inappropriate, what with all the depiction of genuine human tragedy and whatnot). Obviously, we are all excited for David Simon’s Treme, but we’re also excited for Boardwalk Empire, right? Well I am excited for it in any case. It’s not that TV has been bad lately (well, actually) but when both The Wire and The Sopranos ended within a few short months of each other, there didn’t seem to really be anything substantial to take their place. We still had 30 Rock, of course, and Eastbound and Down, which is scheduled to return this summer for a second season. I guess my point is that there are some new TV shows coming out that I am actually looking forward to watching? But I knew there was a much more grandiose and longwinded way to say the same thing. SUCCESS!

Speaking of the Golden Age of television, one very successful young actor who got his start on television is Topher Grace. What is up with him?

Now, before we get into what is up with him, we should definitely take care of some previous business. I know that it might seem way too late to include an update on some of the fun and exciting Oscar parties that Topher went to, but this column is less about following trends and being super timely, and more about putting in the time and the effort to having a thorough understanding of just what is going on with Topher Grace, and sometimes that means going against the trend (which is linear time) and reporting on things that happened what seems like an eternity ago. In this case, a party at Mondrian’s Skybar (sounds fancy!). From PRWeb:

Earlier in the week, Susan Sarandon paired up with the New York ping pong social club Spin NYC to host a pre-Oscar ping pong party at Mondrian’s Skybar. Attendees included Jamie Foxx, Justin Long, Pauly Shore and Topher Grace.

Susan Sarandon, Jamie Foxx, Justin Long, Pauly Shore, and Topher Grace in one room? Uh, hello Hollywood Casting Agents, I just cast an amazing movie. You’re welcome.

But the big TGN this week is that his new action-adventure movie, the Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators, directed by Nimrod Atal, previewed footage for the first time at the South By Southwest festival. OH AWESOME! You can read a report about the live presentation at IGN if you’re interested. Lucky for us (so lucky) you didn’t have to fly all the way out to Austin, Texas to get a taste of what Topher’s got his fingers in (yiiiiiiiikes), because the official Predators website is now live (OH AWESOME!) and so is a featurette!

Neat. I didn’t really see a lot of Topher in there, but I guess you don’t want to give everything away all at once. You have to lure people in (by telling them Topher will be in the movie) but then keep them wanting more (by not showing Tohper at all). It’s called business.

Meanwhile, the writer of a photo a day blog saw someone who might have been Topher Grace, or a very good look-alike. We don’t have any confirmation on this sighting at the moment, but there is a chance that one of the things Topher has been up to lately is walking around some art festival. Maybe in Toronto? Hard to tell. Very interesting news, though.

Speaking of rumors, this one is highly suspicious, and so we are not posting it as actual Topher News, because if there is one thing this website has–besides admiration and respect for the work of Topher Grace–it is journalistic integrity, but even as a vicious rumor posted anonymously with no sources on an Internet message board, it does seem worth keeping an eye on, just in case it develops into something more official. From Theiapolis Boards:


Back in April of 2007, Topher Grace, along with Brian Grazer were executive producers for “Kids in America” being filmed in a $15 Million Dollar Home. the movie was going well until a cocky arrogant actor David J Silver stepped onto the set. Well, Silver was so disliked that Topher ordered Silver removed form the set in front of over 200 cast members.

The following day, Silver came back to Kia Home Base to question his pay. When Silver left, he proceeded back to the east Valley. At a stop sign, a high speed car coming at about 55 MPR came within 6 inches from crashing into Silver. In a few seconds another car was about 2 seconds behind the first and and stopped and said to Silver “DID YOU SEE THAT”. The vehicle that stopped proceeded to foloow the one that came inches from running Silver down and both vehicles made quick precision U-turns and high speeded away.

Silver “I have not forgotten this Topher”.

Oh jeez. I hope T-Groz isn’t involved in paying a stunt man to almost run down a fellow creative actor with his motorcycle. That does seem like the kind of thing you hear happening out there in Weirdowood, but I’d like to think our friend, and the man who brought Eric Forman to life, would know better than to get mixed up in such a sordid business.

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to [email protected]. See you next time!