Did Ashton Kutcher’s New Movie Steal From Agent Cody Banks?

OK, so I know that neither Frankie Muniz nor the creators of Agent Cody Banks actually invented the over-the-sunglasses-pulled-down-the-nose-stare. That was invented by a Diet Sprite commercial. Probably. Something like that. If anything, Frankie Muniz and the creators of Agent Cody Banks were commenting on a worn out visual trope, and placing their own sardonic spin on what had already become a cliche. But that only makes Ashton Kutcher’s stupid poster for his stupid movie even funnier. Besides, starting rumors is fun. Maybe CNN will pick up on this story. They seem pretty lazy these days. And then maybe this will become an actual lawsuit. If nothing else, it would be a great way to celebrate the memory of the late, great actor Frankie Muniz. (ATTENTION: As his lawyers remind us, the great actor Frankie Muniz is alive and well. It turns out that YouTube videos made in 2007 by high schoolers as a joke are less obviously ridiculous and transparently untrue as you might think! Our apologies to the family and friends of Frankie Muniz who read Videogum, and good luck to Mr. Muniz and the rest of Phoenix Arizona’s own You Hang Up.)