Four Lions Puts The LOLs Back In Terrolololorism

Four Lions trailer, you guys:

On 9/11, I worked in a building in Times Square. It was a really weird day, obviously. The first plane had struck the North Tower while I was still on the subway, and before going into work, I watched reports of it on the Jumbotron in Times Square. It was actually like a scene from the movies, with dozens of people standing in this normally-chaotic city center, their eyes glued to massive televisions, all playing actual news instead of Chevy commercials, or whatever. Then I went into work, and that is when the second plane hit. Needless to say, everyone was freaking out, and at one point the head of our department went down to the cafeteria and brought up a bunch of breakfast pastries and juice, because he was nervous that people weren’t eating anything and were going to wear themselves out from shock. I ended up walking down to Washington Square Park, along with the rest of the world, everyone filling the streets in a flood of humanity, and up ahead, this mushroom-cloud-like plume of smoke filling the sky. I actually don’t remember the rest of the day that well, other than that we tried to give blood but they didn’t need us to give blood because they had enough blood and there was no one to give blood to anyway. And I remember thinking that it was really weird how many people were enjoying boozy lunches at outdoor cafes on a bright sunny day when probably the world was falling apart, although in retrospect I’m pretty sure those people had it right. I don’t really remember when or how I got home, actually. I do remember that it was really weird working in Times Square for months and months afterwards, because there were constant bomb scares called into various buildings, but in response all the buildings were constantly being evacuated. Not to mention the homemade votive-candle-and-color-xerox-missing-persons-poster memorials that were all over the place. For the most part I try not to think about it, because it really was an emotionally difficult time. For everyone, I’m sure, but all I have is my own stuff to deal with, you know?

Wait, I feel like I lost the thread of what was I trying to say. Oh yeah, this movie looks super funny and I want to see it! You were right, as usual, Mark Twain. Never Forget!