These Ain’t Your Daddy’s Tampons!

Is it just me, or is the end of this commercial missing a staticy guitar chord? And shouldn’t the brand name be spray-painted against a brick wall? I’m just saying that I understand how this is a self-aware deconstruction of the condescending tropes of traditional feminine hygiene advertising that reduce an important and essential biological process to a metaphorical piece of warm lace blowing in a lilac wind, and in that sense it is refreshing, I’m sure. But without the guitar chord and the spray-painted logo, and also maybe a couple of references to “The Man” and George Orwell’s 1984, how can we be sure that this is a product for our generation? Without those things this could just as easily be another product created by the Don Draper’s of Madison Avenue to secretly maintain the oppressive patriarchal status quo by co-opting and subverting our own symbols of individuality and self-actualization. AM I RIGHT, LADIES?! (Via TheAwl.)