Posted By Popular Demand: Chat Roulette Piano Improv Guy

Hey, I’m no dummy! I know that sometimes the smart thing to do is just give the people what they want and then get out of the way. And apparently what you guys want is to watch this guy doing improvisational piano songs while goofing on Chatroulette. “But you guys, this video is a few days old and has already been posted on most websites.” “Shut up, Gabe, and do what we say. We are in charge of you.” “Hey!” “You hey yourself! POST IT, LITTLE MAN!” Yikes. Relax, you guys! I’ll post it!

I’ve still never been on Chatroulette and I will continue to never have been on there. It is not for me. All I need in this world is a crystal radio set, a pocketful of butterscotch, and a soft porch to sit on. Chatroulette just sounds like noise to me. Chatroulette should cut its hair and get a job. Chatroulette doesn’t know how easy it has it. Chatroulette is weak like its mother. (Thanks for the tip, Chris, Brian, Spencer, and Weston.)