Tim And Eric Present: Father And Son

I’ll be honest, because that is my policy (only the best policies for me!) but I haven’t been enjoying the Funny or Die series on HBO very much. Oh, and I really wanted to! It is just so violent and screamy. The show really makes it seem as if the only joke in the world is punching and/or shooting someone in the dick before screaming obscenities into his mouth. I’m sure there are lots of people who find that really funny, but maybe there could also be a couple other kinds of jokes in this show? And by other kinds of jokes I do not mean jokes about how awesome tits are, because there are lots of those, too. Don’t get me wrong, Funny or Die Presents has its moments. I like the Playground Politics, or whatever that thing is called, and the Adventures of David and Jennie are weird and good. Also, Slovin and Allen’s “Identical Twins in a Funhouse” was great. Like I said, don’t get me wrong, the show has its moments.

And speaking of the show having its moments, on Friday night’s episode there was a 16-minute short film by Tim and Eric called Father and Son that is literally one of the best things I have ever seen in my entire life. My only complaint is that it is not 10 times longer and playing on an IMAX. Seriously. Until then, I have posted it after the jump, because I love to share!

Admittedly, there is plenty of violence and screaming in this, after I just complained that Funny or Die Presents had too much violence and screaming in it. I admit it! So we can spend all day talking about double standards and my weaknesses as a cultural critic*, or we can spend the day talking about how amazing this movie is. YOUR CHOICE. (And remember, there are no wrong choices, only wrong people making choices!)