Can Someone Please Make Sure That Carly Fiorina Is OK?

I am not a politician, but I feel like I have a basic understanding (see: child’s understanding) of how politics work. I know that you are constantly compromising between your ideals and the pragmatic realities of what can be accomplished, and that it is only every once in a long while if ever that you are able to bring those two things together. I recognize that we live in a complicated world with no definitive answers in which millions of people have their own wants and needs, not to mention ideas about how the world should work, and that it’s impossible to appeal to all of those people and address all those needs much less create a unifying theory of governance that will satisfy everyone. And I also understand that politics is often as much about image and branding as it is about genuine philosophy or even accomplishment. Whoever reduces their message to the most simplistic and easily digested soundbite will often win in a head-to-head race with someone who spends time working through their platform as if it was a complex structure of ideas. It might be frustrating, but that is the state of modern politics, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon. I get all that!

But, so, where do the giant evil inflatable CGI blimp face heads come in?

To be fair, Carly Fiorina was also responsible for the Demon Laser Sheep Face campaign ad, so it is not like we did not already know that she is completely bonkers. But man oh man! California, this is definitely your senator. You vote for her, and you feel that she represents you. You put out a Carly Fiorina lawn sign in front of the house you share with your girlfriend:

What a concerned citizen! Maybe TOO concerned? (Thanks for the tip, @malgs.)