Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

SPRIIIIIIIING BREAAAAAAAAAAK! Seriously, where is everyone? Spring Break? Are you on Spring Break? How’s Spring Break? Please be careful! Senor Frogs may seem like paradise, but it can also be very dangerous. And I was just kidding about paradise. What a nightmare. This is not a micro-nap! Get out of Senor Frogs! Come home! But also, have fun. You’re only young once. I recognize I’m giving you a lot of mixed messages. “Mixed Drinks and Mixed Messages” is the Spring Break motto. Seriously, you guys, by the time Monsters’ Ball happens on Friday, I’m actually typing the thing out on my Zune on the way to the hospital for sleep cancer. So don’t even worry about me!

After the jump, the week’s Five Highest Rated Comments, as voted on by you, the Lowest Rated Comment, the winner of this week’s Sandra Lee Caption Contest, and the Editor’s Choice.

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 werttrew | Mar 10th Score:65

Bonus gif:

Posted in: Lost S06E07: The “Banana Leaf”
#4 Burdette | Mar 8th Score:66

I think the target audience of the Oscars is the front row at the Oscars.

Posted in: The 2010 Academy Awards
#3 Mr. Hausfrau | Mar 11th Score:68

….not within assholes. You all saw the comma right? I mean, no one wants to see your shit, Eggs. lolamirite? *gross*

Posted in: I Fu*king Hate This Calvin Klein Commercial
#2 Tom Foolery | Mar 5th Score:71

The Brotherhood of the Stationary Pants.

Posted in: Best New Party Game: #oppositemovies
#1 Notsewfast | Mar 5th Score:86

Slumdog Slumdog

Posted in: Best New Party Game: #oppositemovies

Ed. note: And we’re back! Wasn’t last week weird? How were we supposed to know how who fared what in relation to everyone else in terms of the comments they wrote on the Internet? No. It was just too weird. This is better. Hi, guys! You win!

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

#1 gumdrop | Mar 9th Score:-24
Heavy cream? Nnnggghh. I knew I should have topped it off with father’s semen.
Posted in: The Videogum Why Don’t You Caption It? Contest: Sandra Lee’s Cocktail Face

Ed. note: I don’t know why this is down-voted so much. It’s gross, but it’s just a call back to Sandra Lee’s even more disgusting Oscar nominees cocktail recipes, namely the Precioustini. Why can’t you guys just let gumdrop be great? Oh well. Better luck next time, gumdrop. YOU ARE IN THE DOGHOUSE.

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

#1 Mr. Hausfrau | Mar 9th Score:61
I like how one eye knew it was disgusting before the rest of the face.
Posted in: The Videogum Why Don’t You Caption It? Contest: Sandra Lee’s Cocktail Face

Ed. note: congratulations, Mr. Hausfrau! You earned it!

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

#1 huckabeast | Mar 12th
For Vampire Powers, you submitted: “I can turn into fog.”


Posted in: Twilight x Singles – Robert Pattinson + Iggy Pop = Suck

Ed. note: this comment is just so funny. That is the reason I picked it!