Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Yup! Last night was a good one! For as much as I complain about The Office’s lukewarm, heavily-tread water, mega-desk was hilarious. And so was Dwight singing “Cat’s in the Cradle.” And the truth is, as Erin and Andy’s date reminded us (as if we needed reminding after last week), no comedy show does genuine sweetness better. Parks and Recreation was also very solid, and it definitely seemed last night like the show took a solid step towards making Chris Pratt the main star of the show (yes please!). Also was that really Nick Offerman’s wood working studio? You crazy for this canoe, Ron Swanson.

But the gem at the heart of last night’s serpent statue (what on Earth am I talking about) was 30 Rock. Last night’s episode was probably the best of the season, and just one of the better episodes of the show period. Elizabeth Banks! Brian Williams! Jack Welch! EGOT call-back! Geiss Cubes! Back bread! Liz’s “Fuck the Pain Away” ringtone! Jeffrey, we lost the tournament! Good job, 30 Rock. You are so good at being a super funny TV show, it’s ridiculous.

Right, guys? Guys?