Lady Gaga And Beyonce In Kill Bill 3.0 “Telephone”

Lady Gaga and Beyonce are in a video together? Great! It’s 10 minutes long? Oh. (Who does Lady Gaga think she is, the Black Eyed Peas?) Lady Gaga and Beyonce in “Telephone,” you guys:

Look, I like Lady Gaga, and I love Beyonce, and no offense to people whose job it is to spend as much time as possible watching music videos, but this probably (definitely?) didn’t need to be 10 minutes long. Lady Gaga may be on the cutting edge of fashion, but she is apparently not on the cutting edge of how long people feel like watching videos (3-5 minutes, FACT). And if you are going to have Beyonce and Lady Gaga riding around in the Kill Bill “Pussy Wagon” then you seriously, SERIOUSLY need to have Beyonce and Lady Gaga in a samurai sword Final Boss ninja fight. I actually do not get that part at all. Someone needs to SEXT director Jonas Akerlund and explain to him that the “Pussy Wagon” was NOT the best part of Kill Bill. It might even have been the worst part. Why is that in this video? ARGH, WHY IS THAT IN THIS VIDEO? The fact that the “Pussy Wagon” is in this but that it in no other meaningful way parodies or mimics the actual Kill Bill movie (they kill a guy with poisoned honey at a bar?) makes me so mad. Either be your own thing or be a parody/homage, but don’t be some stupid in-between things. Not if you are going to be 10 minutes long. A rare miss, Lady Gaga. A rare miss, Beyonce. An about average miss, Jonas Akerlund.

I hope that the “To Be Continued” at the end means that there’s going to be a second video in which everyone apologizes for this one.