The Videogum Why Don’t You Caption It? Contest: Sandra Lee’s Cocktail Face

Oh man. Oh boy. So, on a recent episode of her show, Cocktail Town: For Women, or whatever it is called, noted milkoholic Sandra Lee, best known for the Precioustini, decided that a delicious cocktail recipe would be lemonade, vodka, and HEAVY CREAM. What a great sounding recipe for a delicious sounding drink from a person who clearly knows what they are doing! “I call it a ‘Barf on the Beach’.” Seriously, this is so confusing to me. This clown has a show? Even I know the basic properties of acid and dairy, and I am an idiot. In any case, Sandra Lee, a member of Mensa and founder of Apple’s Genius Bar, took a sip of this smooth and refreshing drink on camera, and her producer refused to edit the reaction shot out of the episode, because TV magic is as TV magic does. And it turns out that in one way or another, this IS a TREAT!

Haha! I love how it just keeps going. “It’s definitely over. Her face is done. Oh wait.” Now you caption it, why don’t you? Choose any frame! Or create a running commentary! The whole point of this is that I should not have to do it for you. You do it! Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. I WILL DRINK TO THAT! (SORRY!) (Video via DailyWhat.)