Shopping List For Your Old Dogs Blu Ray Viewing Party Tonight

Hopefully the copy of Old Dogs Blu Ray DVD that you pre-ordered months ago arrived today, so that your viewing party tonight that you are definitely having can go on without a hitch. If for some reason it got held up in the mail, I would recommend just going to a store and picking up an extra copy, and then when the pre-ordered copy arrives, you can give that copy to the person you love most in the whole world*. Since most of you are probably going INSANE with excitement and anticipation for the viewing party that you’re definitely for sure going to be hosting tonight, I’ve decided to make a shopping list for you. I’m sure you’ve been working and re-working your shopping list for weeks, but in the even that you forgot to bring it with you to work, or if your sweaty hands accidentally turned the list to pulp and made it unreadable, I’ve got you covered. I would hate for you to forget something important in the rush to get home and start watching Old Dogs on Blu Ray DVD with all of your friends and family.

Here is what you will need!

  • (1) Blu Ray DVD player — some of you may already own a Blu Ray DVD player, but for many of us, we are buying one special for this movie because it is definitely going to be great on Blu Ray
  • (1) gun
  • (2) bullets per guest  — just in case, guaranteed kill
  • (4) bags of Tostitos Scoops™ — it’s better to have too many Tostitos Scoops ™ than not enough Tostitos Scoops ™


*In your will.