The Winner Of The Videogum Oscar Pool!

The 2010 Academy Awards may have been the 2010 Academy of SNORES but it was still a great time to partake in the wonderful American past-time of low-stakes gambling! Thank you to everyone who entered in our First Annual Videogum Oscar Pool, and you are all winners as far as I am concerned, kind of. As always, things got pretty dicey when it came down to the Best Foreign Animated Short and the Best Female Sound Mixer categories, but that’s what makes an Oscar Pool so fun: a game of chance! Cool! You love chance!

Anyway, there are lots of very talented guessers in our midst who should definitely consider entering the field of Professional Guesser (i.e. Carnie?) with lots of people getting 14 and 15 correct answers, a handful of 16s, couple of 17s, and even one dude who guessed 18 correctly! That’s a lot. But it was not 19. And that is what it took to win this year’s Videogum Oscar Pool. Should we drag this on a little longer, or should we Tom Hanks this thing and get the business done?! The winner of the 2010 Videogum Oscar Pool is:

Dan, Man of Science, with 19 correct guesses out of 24 possible guesses. Very niiiice! (Borat, Oscar for Best Make Up Designer, 2012.)

Congratulations, Dan, please email me at [email protected] to claim your movie tickets and one adult-sized popcorn.