Saturday Night Live: Zach Galifianakis With Vampire Weekend

Well, that was GREAT. Sure, the cold open about Barack Obama’s Health Care speech was a superdud, and there were a couple of other sketches that didn’t quite hit their marks (the kissing family in the funeral home was rocky at best, and I don’t think two guys kissing counts as a fully thought-out “joke”) but those minor stumbles will be washed away and forgotten in the great tide of history as this episode permanently solidifies its place in Saturday Night Live herstory. Zach’s monologue alone was an Instant Classic. And everything went from there. Zach appearing in the background of every NBC show flowing through to his appearance as himself on a Today show parody. The bidet couple. Will Forte’s song about women on “Weekend Update.” What Up With That featuring Frank Rich (Frank Rich!) and Paul Rudd. Even Vampire Weekend was pretty good! If there is a pantheon on a golden hued hill somewhere for great episodes of late night sketch comedy television to spend eternity in all their glory, this episode is packing its bag for that hilltop right now (huh?).

But perhaps the best sketch of the entire evening was the last, Pageant Talk. For some reason, that sketch isn’t in the full episode (above) or anywhere on-line. UNTIL NOW! After the jump, Pageant Talk:

So now it goes: 2010
1. Zach Galifianakis
2. Charles Barkley
3. Jon Hamm

You guys, wouldn’t it be great if TV was funny and exciting to watch every week? Well, wake up. This is America.