The 2010 Academy Awards

Admittedly, I’m not the target audience for the Academy Awards. I mean, I love to participate in national traditions as much as anyone, and I watch the Oscars every year if for no other reason than that I like to know what everyone’s talking about. But I don’t really care about the adult equivalent of Prom Fashion, and I have little enthusiasm for an awards system that is outwardly and admittedly about politics and seniority and commerce as much as it is about talent or art or accomplishment. But, was it just me, or was this year’s Academy Awards especially dull? Like, there were zero surprises or upsets. Everyone who was supposed to win, won, with a Taylor Swiftian surprise on their face. And then there was the ceremony itself, which literally had flat screen TVs playing images of diamonds? Because that is how you know something is fancy and glamorous? And Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are great performers and comedians, two legendary entertainers, but what was that, guys? Did they refuse to let you talk about the show beforehand? Because if they refused to let you talk about the show beforehand, then that makes sense. They should have let you talk about the show beforehand! Even the Oscar’s tribute to horror movies included footage from such classic horror movies as Edward Scissorhands and the Sixth Sense. Huh? I guess I am happy for Christopher Waltz and Kathryn Bigelow, who was the first woman to win for Best Director. But it’s weird that what will forever be remembered as an historic Oscars felt so entirely forgettable from beginning to end.

Boo, 2010 Academy Awards. A rare miss. (Not that rare of a miss.)