YouTube’s New Closed Captions Are Working Perfectly, Or: Best New Party Game: 17

Rich FourFour was looking for a video today, and he discovered that YouTube has introduced a new function that is still in BETA testing, which translates the audio into closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Let’s just say that they should take the system out of BETA immediately, because it is definitely READY TO GO. As you can see from the slides above, the computer has an incredibly keen ear for human dialogue. It’s basically the David Mamet of computer software. I’m surprised Roger Ebert didn’t go to the YouTube closed-captioning people to help him develop his new voice. In any case, you really have to watch the video with the sound on so that you can see just how right this system gets it. If anything, the closed captions are TOO right. It’s spooky! People make mistakes when they speak, it’s never this perfect, YouTube! We’re not flawless talking robots! Watch the original video here. (You find/turn on the captions, if/when they are available, like this.)

The CC function isn’t available on all or even most videos yet, but the rules of this game are simple: find amazing YouTube closed captions and post them in the comments. Everyone wins.