Music Blog Has The Right To Children

Can’t we all just get along? Check out a legit bit from the armchair electronica act’s new CD and see if your torrent is for reals.

Boards of Canada – “Oscar See Through Red Eye” (MP3)

I’ll be introducing the first ever Stereogum co-writers on this site very soon (i.e., now). Their names are Jed and Jim and they’ll be writing about whatever they like as long as it relates to music. I met J&J in college where we put out an often terrible humor magazine. Jed was the one who first turned me on to Aeroplane Over The Sea. Yesterday they came over with an armful of CDs they bought at Other Music, so Blood On The Wall and Floatation Toy Warning fans sit tight.

They’ll be taking over in a few weeks when Eliza Jane and I get married … and go to Greece and Turkey! Maybe some of you can give us Greece and Turkey tips. And then I’ll be back. With some hott Greek indie rock MP3s.

And if you check out page 198 of the new Fader you can read a really embarrassing article they asked me to write about Billy Joel.

Take it away Jed and the New Xiu Review…