Duh Aficionado Magazine: The Internet Continues To Hate Jay Leno

As we all know, the Internet hates Jay Leno, because the Internet is primarily for young people, and Jay Leno is exclusively for dying people. Duh Aficionado Magazine, true to its journalistic mission, is staying on top of this breaking, painfully obvious story. Today, their team of expert but apparently very lazy journalists has found this trend continuing in the tags on the official Tonight Show with Jay Leno Hulu page. Click to enlarge:

Haha. Got him! You know, I feel like the common wisdom at the tail end of “the late night wars” was that people would lose interest in the whole thing, as they often do with drawn out feuds, and that is most certainly still true in the grand scheme of things, because “the late night wars” didn’t CHANGE THE COURSE OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR, but it would be great if the Internet forever remained an aggressively hostile place for Jay Leno. Just don’t come around here, Jay. This is our town. And you might want to e-park your iCars somewhere else. It would be a shame for something to hacken to them. (Sorry.) (Thanks for the tip, Jake and Jeff.)