The TWSS Archives: Australian Today Show Wii “Curling Challenge” Moment

Date: February 28, 2010
Time: 8:38 AM
Location: Sydney, Australia
Source: Channel 9 (thanks for the tip, Rand McTally)
Description: In on air morning news segment, two Australian anchors demonstrate motion-based curling game for Nintendo Wii. Both presenters inadvertently simulate certain facets of sexual act, while simultaneously exclaiming verbal TWSS. Due to graphic nature of physical movements and the almost too-perfect verbal TWSS, this moment practically feels like it isn’t a TWSS at all, but is in fact the source material from where TWSS is generally drawn (actual sex). In reality, verbal TWSS is definitely a TWSS, and physical movement of hands to simulate the manipulation of a penis is a rare form of physical TWSS, or TWSD, if you will. End result is a complex and highly sophisticated form of advanced TWSS. To cement the event’s status as TWSS, female anchor expresses understanding of possible interpretations of footage, but continues anyway, providing the momentary but ultimately ignored self-awareness of your classic TWSS. FILE UNDER: Physical TWSS, Complex TWSS, Classic TWSS, LOLk.