Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?

I still haven’t had a chance to watch yesterday’s episode of Oprah, which featured Roger Ebert and the clip that broke and then rebuilt a thousand hearts, although at one point I turned it on yesterday and she was interviewing Morgan Freeman about Invictus? And it turned out that it was Oprah’s “Oscar Fever” episode, or whatever? And it just kind of surprised me. Like, really, Oprah? I mean, maybe Roger Ebert didn’t want to spend a whole hour with Oprah, which would make sense. I’m not dissing Oprah, I’m just saying she seems like kind of a lot to take. Very yelly. Lots of shouting and announcing of things. Can you imagine her at brunch? “More EEEEHHHHEEEEGGGGGS!” And that Esquire article pointed out that Ebert’s condition causes him to tire easily. If it was his choice to be sandwiched in with puff-piece interviews of accused child molesters talking about how they perfected their terrible accents for their painfully earnest roles, then fair enough, but something tells me it was Oprah’s choice, and if it was Oprah’s choice then I say BAD CHOICE. Give the man his due, please. He is a living legend, and as of late he has become a source of inspiration for people. Did anyone even see Invictus? I don’t know why you would bother since we all know how it ends: the world is forever cured of racism!

Speaking of honoring people and giving them the attention that they have earned, what is up with Topher Grace?

With the ensemble romantic comedy Valentine’s Day now in the record books and footage from Predators set to premiere at South by Southwest, this is the calm before the storm. It’s a moment for our man Topher to regroup. I’m sure that he does whatever he can to keep his feet planted firmly on the ground, and to always remember where he came from. Tipster Rachel sends in this picture of him at dinner with Jessica Alba:

Whoa. Celebrities do experience the world differently than most of us and they have a lot of privileges that we civilians will never know, but it’s very cool to be reminded that they do have certain experiences in common with the rest of us. I eat dinner all the time! Not with Jessica Alba, but still. And is that JJ Abrams to his right? Who is that? You know what, never mind. It’s none of my business!

When Christoph wasn’t eating small, intimate dinners with his industry peers at what looks like maybe an Italian (?) restaurant, Topher was running the social and charity circuit. It’s part of the job! But I bet it’s not that unpleasant. ONTD reports that he attended the Entertainment Weekly party to celebrate the Best Director Oscar Nominees held at the Chateau Marmont. Neat! Here he is with Dylan Walsh.

Dylan Walsh, of course, played the titular role in Penn Badgley’s The Stepfather. Very cool. Do these two have their eye on sitting in the director’s chair one day? I don’t know, but it’s fun to speculate!

Topher also attended a Vanity Fair party for the Feed Foundation’s FEED USA campaign and the documentary Hungry in America. The LA Times reports:

David Arquette, Topher Grace, “Desperate Housewives” star Marcia Cross, “Heroes” gal Ali Larter, Academy Awards producer Adam Shankman and model and designer Lauren Bush all showed to toast awareness of the hunger crisis in the United States.

I’m going to assume that even Topher Grace would recognize that maybe with an issue like the hunger crisis in the United States, there are better ways to help, or at least better ways to talk about helping, than to TOAST AWARENESS OF THE ISSUE. “If everyone would please raise your crystal flutes of champagne to getting the word out there about people starving.” But it’s not like Topher Grace wrote this item. I don’t think. You can only do your best to make a difference in this world, and hope that people recognize and understand what you are trying to do. We’re trying. We’re right there with you, T-Bone, just trying our very darndest!

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to [email protected]. See you next time!