Sarah Jessica Parker Reading Her Family Tree In A Library Is A Show?

Um, I’m starting to almost feel bad making fun of NBC at this point, and I know that they are doing their best (are they though?) to fill all those coveted 10PM time slots now that The Jay Leno show has moved to 11:30PM, but between this and The Marriage Ref I am really starting to worry about the mental well-being of that network’s executives. At the very least I’m starting to wonder if they’ve ever even SEEN television before. Because The Marriage Ref is a joke, and to answer the rhetorical question posed by this post’s headline, the answer is NO, SARAH JESSICA PARKER READING HER FAMILY TREE IN A LIBRARY IS NOT A SHOW.

I do love how the climactic conclusion of this clip is that Sarah Jessica Parker is “a prime candidate right now to have something to do with the Salem Witch Trials.” Whoa, a candidate to have something to do with the Salem Witch Trials? This show is getting nuts! Just kidding. Because this isn’t a show.