Roger Ebert, The Best, Finally Gets His Voice Back

Roger Ebert, who is the best, will be on Oprah this afternoon, which I am sure we will all leave work to watch if we haven’t called in sick already. But this preview clip in which he demonstrates his new voice for the first time (created by a Scottish company using hours of audio from his TV show and DVD commentaries, which he lost in multiple surgeries that you already know about because you are a human being with intelligence and curiosity who pays attention to the world around him/her, but if for some reason you missed the Esquire profile of him, which is seriously great, stop missing it), is already too heartbreaking and too heartwarming for words.

It is nice to be reminded, especially after this morning’s bitterness, that the human spirit can always triumph, and that this world, which is too much to bear, can still be lived in with dignity and wonder. Roger Ebert: legend. (Via @grahamorama.)