How Did We Miss The Juggalo-Themed Episode Of Law & Order?

I would like to organize a Videogum Congressional Task Force and charge them with understanding where the system broke down to the point where we somehow missed last night’s Juggalo-themed episode of Law & Order. I suppose the first order of business is to actually create a Videogum Congress. The rest should be easy, at least if my understanding of Task Forces is correct.

You guys, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I’m sure that my standard policy of not DVR’ing any show that has been on the air for longer than 17,000 years was at least part of the problem, but surely there should have been some kind of warning system in place. Where was our twin-key failsafe program? Some people Twittered to @videogum (Follow Tuesday! Please RT!) about it while it was actually happening, but by then it was too late. By then it was basically a lone Tibetan monk ringing his bell as the tidewaters of 2012 came swallowing up the mountains. It doesn’t help, either, that this teaser for the episode from the official Law & Order homepage doesn’t include any reference to the main reason people would want to watch:

Good teaser. “Honey, we have GOT to watch tonight’s Law & Order. This family gets brutally murdered, but then you think maybe a little boy didn’t get murdered, but then it turns out that he did get murdered, so they definitely all got murdered, horrifically. Let’s make it a popcorn night!” Sorry, Law & Order teaser clip. I’m taking out my frustration with having missed last night’s episode by mocking you when clearly you are not the problem.


And now I can’t find the episode on-line? What is this, 2008? Reliable day-after on-line viewing options, please, major networks. All I can find are postings on message boards, not that those aren’t incredibly entertaining in their own right:

I almost didn’t post that comment because I AM NOT READY TO BE REPLACED. Bet that dude crushed it with his commentary on Jay Leno’s return to the Tonight Show.

“We’ve got magicians walking around this bitch, your honor.” — Mack McMoy

We need to be more careful you guys. What do you think the piece of paper posted next to the phone in the kitchen with the number for [email protected] written down in case of an emergency is for? If you see something, say something!

UPDATE: Here is a clip from Stereogum.

You can watch the episode here! Thank you, Dylan and Brad, for the tip. Medals of honor! Double dessert for you two tonight!