Whoopi Goldberg Has Made 8 Ads About Peeing Her Pants, And They Are All Very Real And Very Hilarious

It has become very clear over the course of the past year that if you want to make it in showbusiness, you need to let the actor in you take over, and by that I mean that you need to pee your pants. It’s like they always say, pee for the stars and you might just pee on the moon. It worked for Hugh Jackman (that’s how he landed the role of Dr. Wolverines) and it worked for Oprah (hi, Oprah!). Now we can add Whoopi Goldberg to that list, BIG TIME. It was reported a few months ago that she had signed on as the spokesperson for Poise, a feminine napkin for aiding female bladder control, which it turns out is a serious problem, which I first learned about a few months ago when it was reported that Whoopi Goldberg had signed on to be the spokesperson. And now, in an effort to get the word out there, Whoopi Goldberg has made 8 ads in which she talks about peeing her pants. No joke. Tell them.

I cannot stress to you guys how special this is. Things like this are rare, and we need to enjoy them when we can. This is what it’s all about. This is why we are all here. After the jump, eight ads in which Whoopi Goldberg talks about peeing her pants.

To Whoopi’s credit, she really commits. She knows that the responsibility for convincing you that Cleopatra had trouble controlling her bladder rests in the actor’s hands. That’s the best part about these: they’re simultaneously de-stigmatizing the apparently very common problem of female bladder control, and providing an important historical lesson on famous women who peed their pants throughout the ages. The more you know! (Via Vulture.)