Saturday Night Live: Jennifer Lopez Is Her Own Best Friend/Worst Enemy

The fact that Jennifer Lopez both hosted and was the musical guest on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live is sort of the problem with Jennifer Lopez. Like, that takes some balls. It has been years since Jennifer Lopez was a viable triple-threat, unless the three threats are Bad Decision Making, Not Being Dead, and One Time Having Your Own Celebrity Perfume. Sure, Justin Timberlake hosts and is the musical guest, but it’s obnoxious when he does it, too, and one could argue that he at least makes sense in the current pop cultural climate. And because Jennifer Lopez still does have something she is trying to sell, kind of (a new terrible album that has disappeared, and a new terrible movie that keeps getting pushed back), her hosting of the show lacked the off-leash bonkersness of a, say, Charles Barkley.

And in much the same way that Jennifer Lopez’s success at the various things she attempts to do as a career is hit or miss, so, too, was Saturday’s episode!

For example, she was the highlight of an otherwise middle-of-the-road “We Are the World” parody.

But then she somehow could not even keep up during the multiple “Latina” sketches that they put her through. On the one hand, shame on Saturday Night Live for writing almost exclusively hispanic jokes for Jennifer Lopez, but DOUBLE SHAME on me for being so surprised that she couldn’t do them. I did enjoy the Telemundo coverage of the Winter Olympics, but my enjoyment had nothing to do with Lopez’s involvement.

Jennifer Lopez was much better in this sketch about an office romance, which was the return of a sketch that I didn’t think was funny the first time but did think was funny this time. LOL, the world is always changing!

And speaking of sketches returning and being great, Jenny Slate was back as the doorbell salesmen, but now she is a car horn salesman. Beep beep!

But probably the best sketch of the whole night was the Smash Mouth sketch:


While we’re on the subject of demons we can’t seem to shake, did anyone else notice that weird butt twirl that Jennifer Lopez did at the end of her monologue? Right after talking about how she was a different, more mature person, at a more serious stage in her life?

Buttttts! It just goes to show, you can take the girl out of the Bronx, but you can’t take the butt out of the career that was incredibly built almost exclusively on that butt.

AND SPEAKING OF CAREERS (Pulitzer for Writing: Me), the ad for Celebrity Undercover Boss was pretty good. At the very least, I would watch that show.

So, all in all, Jennifer Lopez was pretty all over the place (and that is giving her the benefit of not even watching one second of her musical performance), but I will give the cast and writers of the show extra credit this week for still pulling out an episode with some solid laughs. They were working at a serious deficit, but they managed to not entirely suck. If you want to entirely suck go to New Jersey. (Am I doing this right?)