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What a week it has been! Obviously the big news this week is Kirstie Alley’s disgusting Oprah soup recipe our redesign! I mean, it’s not news anywhere other than here, and obviously there are more important things going on in the world, probably. Maybe. But for us it has been one of those things that really takes up all of your attention and mental space to the point where you barely even have time to think about what the assassination attempt on Jon Cryer even MEANS. Does he have to give his Emmy back? I don’t know! I can’t think about it right now, I can only hope about it.

Obviously, there are still plenty of bugs to work out of the site, but I think that things are going pretty good, all things considered. And just wait until you see your ballroom’s new look! But of course please continue to send us emails at [email protected] if/when you encounter problems or concerns.
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This Week’s Highest Rated Comments

#5 Noam Noam Noam | Feb 23rd Score:60



Double posts, and two of them!
It is a festival of shame.

A festival of new nightmares.

Posted in: My Little Ponies Perform Showtunes And/Or Two Tickets To Nightmare Town
#4 Buttercup | Feb 25th Score:65
It seems his rage was so large it had to buy 3 extra posts.
Posted in: Duh Aficionado Magazine: Kevin Smith Needs To Shut Up
#3 Bookface | Feb 19th Score:72
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Posted in: EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Footage From Spider-Man 4
#2 holy smokes! | Feb 22nd Score:72
I get it! Not Safe for Watermelons
Posted in: This Is The Real NSFW
#1 Notsewfast | Feb 22nd Score:78
Careful Gabe, you may get a cease & desist letter from Arbor Mist as soon as they find out you’ve posted video of their patented wine making process.
Posted in: This Is The Real NSFW

Ed. note: There was some minor concern in Videogum Headquarters right before the site relaunch that the disruption would bottom out our beloved community, because as everyone knows, change is the worst, it is the opposite of free rootbeer floats, and it makes people RUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. But if anything the effect was the opposite. Everyone was very engaged this week, very chatty. It was great. Welcome back even though you never left, everybody.

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

#1 bearface | Feb 19th Score:-21
i was thinking the same thing. one millionaire losing his job (and gaining $35 million) to another millionaire because millions of (stupid) people prefer one over the other is much like a group of people losing everything they own and love to a natural disaster and not getting any help from the government because they are minorities.

seriously. so much the same.

Posted in: Go Fuck Yourself, Mr. Leno

Ed. note: I don’t know why you got downvoted so much, bearface. Isn’t what you’re saying kind of just obvious and correct and agreed upon all around? We all love Conan O’Brien but we all know that he has millions of dollars and what happened with the Tonight Show was not an ACTUAL genuine human tragedy, right? Does everyone know that? Let’s just make sure everyone knows that.

This Week’s Caption Contest Winner

Spice Weasel | Feb 22nd Score:91
To donate to the Red Cross, Text HAITI to 90999.
Posted in: The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Oprah’s Chocolate Set

Ed. note: Congratulations, Spice Weasel. You earned it!

This Week’s Editors Choice

jlkrekel | Feb 23rd Score:8
I’m commenting! On videogum! For the first time!
Posted in: Welcome To The New Videogum

Ed. Note: We are all trying new things this week! Cats and dogs, living together! Welcome to Videogum, jlkrekel.