Oscar In The Bathroom Watch: Kate Winslet Edition

I have often said that if I ever won an Oscar, I would keep it in the bathroom as a conversation piece. I’m sure that I picked up this GREAT and serious idea that is real and that I will definitely do for sure no sarcasm from reading some interview with some clever and most importantly INTERESTING actor who had been asked “Where do you keep your Oscar as a conversation piece?”

Which is why I was pleased but not surprised to read this FUN FACT about where Kate Winslet keeps her Oscar. From ONTD:

The British star — who picked up the Best Actress award at the ceremony last year for her role in The Reader — says she has the statue in a public area of her house so guests “can sneakily have a little [hold] and put it back down again”. “Because basically everybody wants to touch it, everybody wants to hold it and go ‘Oh, my gosh,’ and ‘How heavy is it?’” Winslet added. “So I figured if I put it [in the bathroom], then people can avoid the whole, ‘Where’s your Oscar?’ thing.”

Good thinking, Kate Winslet. Very cool idea. I think the best part about it is how clever original it is.

I am instating a new Videogum Promise. With a little hard work and e-lbow grease (sorry), I believe that we can become the World’s Premiere Internet Resource for Tracking Which Actors Actually Keep Their Oscars in the Bathroom as a “Conversation Piece,” and Talk About It in Interviews Like It’s a Clever Thing They Just Thought Up.