Duh Aficionado Magazine: Kevin Smith Needs To Shut Up

It was already pretty clear last week that Kevin Smith needed to shut up. His on-going fight with Southwest Airlines was insufferable. It was bad enough that a millionaire with every means at his disposal to maintain a healthy lifestyle was portraying himself as Joe Everyman because a corporation that deals with millions of people on a daily basis hurt his feelings. I mean, I’m no fan of The Man, and I’m not saying that Southwest Airlines’s corporate policy is correct or even necessarily respectful. But I am also not a fan of egomaniacal rich kids who pretend that their personal pride is a matter of grave national importance.

But that is all behind us now. Because now we have a whole new reason why Kevin Smith needs to shut up. His new movie, Cop Out, is in theaters tomorrow, and so it is getting reviewed by newspapers and magazines and other outlets that do that kind of thing. One such magazine is Entertainment Weekly, which gave the film a “C-“. Fair enough! That is definitely one of the possible ratings on their scale from A+ to F. Consider yourself taken to Criticism School, or whatever, Kevin Smith.

Except that Kevin Smith doesn’t consider himself taken to Criticism School, and he doesn’t just roll with the punches and hope for some more positive reviews in other outlets as any arguably very-successful Hollywood movie director with any shred of self-respect would do. Instead, he logged into the Entertainment Weekly website, and he COMMENTED on the review. ATTENTION CITIZENS OF CRYBABY TOWN, PLEASE GET READY TO MEET YOUR NEW MAYOR!

Kevin Smith’s impossibly petulant and whiny defensive comments after the jump:

What is amazing is that the critic actually talked about how he usually likes Kevin Smith movies, but how he didn’t like this one? But according to Kevin Smith, a “REAL critic” is just anyone who gives Cop Out a positive review. Good comment, Kevin Smith, very critical.

This is more embarrassing than what Kevin Smith, a GROWN MAN, wore to the Superbad premiere. Shut up, Kevin Smith. No duh. (Thanks for the tip, Mike.)