The Videogum “Tracy Morgan Promise”: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart And Jimmy Kimmel Live!

I promise you that if you just took all of Tracy Morgan’s recent publicity-tour interviews and cobbled them together into a 24-part hour and a half block it would be funnier and more enjoyable than Cop Out. Or we could just watch them in 6-7 minute bits as they come in, because we are adults, and we have lives to lead. Tracy was on the Daily Show last night, and he has some very forward-thinking business ideas!

Meanwhile, Tracy also appeared in a pre-taped segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a music video for his new song “Impregn8ed,” but because I do not support white people wearing fake grills and St. Mark’s Place dreadlock wigs much less doing both of those things AND pretending to rap, I have placed this clip AFTER the jump, where it belongs.


It is strange when a casual, off-the-cuff interview is funnier than a professionally made pre-taped segment crafted by Hollywood comedy writers, but such is the nature of this particular Promise. Just stand back and let the man talk, and watch your ears (watch your ears?) fill up with gold.

Another “Tracy Morgan Promise” kept!