4Chan For $1000, Alex

Haaa. The fact that 4Chan was an answer on Jeopardy is not inherently funny. I can think of lots of questions for which the answer would be “what is 4Chan?” Almost none of them are very nice, though, and hyper-aggressive nightmare trolls who, unlike me, actually understand how the Internet works (and how it breaks) is just NOT something I need in my life right now. So I will keep those questions to myself. (If anyone is a Question Writer for Jeopardy, DM me, and I will be happy to share with you some inverse-structured-questions that I have for which the answer is “what is 4Chan?”.) What IS hilarious about the fact that 4Chan was an answer on Jeopardy is how it was the answer to literally the most generic and benign question that applies to every single site on the entire Internet (except for the Jukt Micronics homepage, which itself is the answer to so many other Jeopardy questions). It would be like if Videogum was an answer on Jeopardy for the following clue: “Videogum, a homepage on the Web, uses this type of code in order to make text appear italicized or bold.”

In any case, iHats e-0ff to 4Chan, because the banality and simplicity of the question for which any homepage could have been the answer suggests to me that they had something to do with their own appearance. Perhaps they hacked into Jeopardy’s big board, Sneakers style? “I think we drove by a cocktail party.” “That was 4Chan.” Getting on a game show would be a pretty good Videogum Everywhere “mission,” though. “Agents,” ACTIVATE! AGENTS?