Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace

For some reason, on more than one occasion in the past week, I have found myself watching snippets of MTV’s new show, 16 and Pregnant. Have you guys seen this show? It’s the worst! And it is in its second season! I mean, on the one hand, I respect MTV’s attempt to provide it’s youthful audience with an alternate and unvarnished depiction of people their age. In that sense it is a refreshing departure from the STD-filled-hot tub bodyshot-parties that have made up the bulk of MTV’s programming schedule for the last 10+ years. But between the show’s Juno-rip-off aesthetic to its manipulation of teenagers’ insatiable thirst to be on television without any regard for the consequences in order to create an ad-revenue-generating schadenfreude laced spectacle of what must be the single most difficult moment in their entire short lives ever, it’s kind of gross. And by kind of I mean super. It’s supergross. I’m all for offering up vital human stories that explore what it is to be human, but these are babies having babies. At the very least, this show should have been called MTV’s True Yikes.

Of course, in season six, episodes 13 and 14, of That ’70s Show, Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon) had a teen pregnancy scare. And so it goes. Hakuna Matata. The more things change, the more they stay the same, you guys. Speaking of Topher Grace, what is up with him?

Now that the Valentine’s Day bulldozer has barreled through, CRUSHING HEARTS, things have settled down a little in Topher Town. FOR NOW. I mean, if you thought you were seeing a lot of him in the past couple of weeks, just wait until Predators comes out! That is like Valentine’s Day IN SPACE. It’s probably going to be an intersection between Valentine’s Day and Avatar, in terms of box office success. (Not, of course, in content. In content, it is going to be an intersection of Valentine’s Day and Predator. Duh.)

Although, the VD publicity train hasn’t run out of steam yet. Here is Topher’s appearance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:

“Did you ever wear a hat backwards?” Actual interview question in this interview!! Good question!

Of course, Topher, like any celebrity, knows that you better lose yourself because you only get one shot hippity-hoo-blah. So he is definitely making the most of this window of heightened attention, but he’s doing it the Topher Way, which means modeling leather jackets for GQ magazine!

Those jackets look great! Looks like Ashton Kutcher wasn’t the only fashion model on That ’70s Show!

But the biggest TGN this week was, obviously, his participation in a hilarious Funny or Die viral video, featuring fellow celebrity Kate Bosworth, and Videogum pal Brett Gelman as a Bigtime Hollywood Movie Director. The language is NSFW, so headphones UP.

Great! I saw this video first thing the morning it was posted, because in addition to being a Topher Grace fan, I am also a PROFESSIONAL. But thank you nevertheless to Martín, Russell, Shanna, Rhymenocerous, Marc, Nate, Chris, Jeremy, and Darryl for the tip! We did it! Together!

And, of course, That ’70s Show remains popular in syndication.

There you go. That is what is up with Topher Grace. Send your Topher tips to[email protected]. See you next time!