The Important Thing Is Our Friendship

So, it turns out that when you relaunch a blog, there are unforeseen problems. Such is the case that we are currently trying to untangle our seeming inability to actually post videos, thereby eliminating 3/4 of Videogum’s regular content (unless Mila Kunis straight up kills a dude in the next 20 minutes). So, for example, it is 1PM and we have not even posted the new Ed Hardy Boyz, which is so good it makes me sick to my stomach. I barfed! In any case, we are working on all of these tissues, but the important thing is that we are still standing here, like Eminem at the end of 8 Mile, shouting fuck the Free World.

In any case, here is a photo of Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick, taken months ago. Because friendship never dies. Right pals?