Welcome To The New Videogum

You guys,

Welcome to the fancy new When we first started planning our redesign, we knew we wanted the best, so we hired the Chief Web Programmer from Jukt Micronics and we said “we have two words for you: Geocities 3.5.” He stroked his waxed goatee for a minute and fiddled with his Dr. Who decoder ring, and then he he was like “OK, but I’m gonna need a case of Mountain Dew Code Black, a floor-length trenchcoat, and to live in my parents’ basement,” and we were like, “Done.”

In all seriousness, we are very excited about our new redesign. A lot of very smart people put a lot of very smart work into it, and we think that it looks great. But in addition to looking great, it’s also just going to function a lot better. You’re going to be seeing bigger photos, just as an example. I guess that’s about it, but that’s huge! Just kidding. I mean, there are going to be bigger photos, that was for real, but a lot of the ways in which the site has changed are for our own benefit. They are going to make it easier than ever before to bring you guys the latest in animal-based trampoline accidents, Topher Grace news, and NBC late night programming mistakes.

We would like to point out:

To regular readers: you have to reset your commenter passwords, but that is easy to do, and once accomplished, you should be able to post your hastily thought out reactions with the ease and comfort to which you have grown accustomed. To new readers: please register a commenter profile and join us! The revolution will not commented upon by unregistered users, and neither will this website. And although they are not quite ready for today’s launch date, the new Videogum is going to have a much-improved user experience with bells and whistles and nonsense. Monsters rejoice!

Of course, as with any new site, there will be bugs and glitches. Please be patient. And please help us to resolve them by pointing out anything that you think is wrong. Email us what you find along with what browser you are using, and possibly a screencap if necessary. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a bunch of anonymous people with too much time on their hands to fix a blog. (And please do check out the new, it is great.)

We hope that you enjoy the new site as much as we do, and we welcome your feedback! Kind of!