Awesome Video For An Awesome Song

Whoever put this up on YouTube named it “awesome video” and they are right. (UPDATE: YouTube removed at request of Final Placement. Replaced with Vimeo. Still awesome.)

About the awesome band:

Final Placement is a Christian Rock band from Midland Tx. It consists of four guys from Midland Christian School. They are currently playing shows. They dream of scoring a record label one day. The philosophy of FP is, ” The world is gone but not lost it can still be saved, all it takes is the people to listen. Maybe if they will hear the message and change.

Awesome message. Awesome guitar solo at 2:07. Awesome walking down the street looking nervous. Awesome food court. Awesome fun fact: Midland, Texas is very close to Odessa, Texas, which is the real life town upon which the fictional Dillon, Texas, of Friday Night Lights is based. So this is basically the real life Crucifictorious. Awesome. (Thanks for the tip, Clown Coffee and JCA.)