Birdemic Trailer Even More Birdemic-y

Hopefully you remember the Birdemic teaser trailer from last summer. Of course you do. It is literally the world’s most perfect teaser trailer. It was invented by science, so come on. Well, since then, the Birdemic Train has only been picking up steam. Late last year, an actual real life distribution company called Severin Films (I’m pretty sure the founder is in Slytherin House) has bought the rights. And this weekend, on February 27th, the world premiere of Birdemic will take place at The Cinefamily in Los Angeles, hosted by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, giving this movie the trademarked Tim and Eric Seal of Retarded. The premiere will be followed by a Tim and Eric-hosted Q&A with director James Nguyen, and the stars of Birdemic, Alan Bagh and Whitney Moore. Meanwhile, Tommy Wiseau will be in the next room, shredding an entire roll of toilet paper into tiny, angry bits and covering his entire mirror in lipstick until all you can see are his eyes and teeth.

In honor of all this Officialness and SHOWBIZ, Birdemic has been given an actual movie trailer, and, just like the teaser trailer (watch it again for the first time), this one was also apparently created by scientists. How else to explain its perfection?

You have done it again, science. How about a round of applause for science, everybody. (Trailer via FilmDrunk via Vulture)