YouTube Singers Cover “We Are The World” For Haiti, Or Whatever

“Thanks?” — Haiti

Now, one could argue that the original (and the remake of) “We Are the World” used the powerful symbol of unlikely musicians and celebrities from across the spectrum gathered together in one room, and on one song, to signify humanity’s connectedness and the ways in which we come together in times of need to support and help each other. (Dan Aykroyd AND Kenny Loggins? In the same place? One love!) So there is something about 57 people alone in their rooms in front of their laptops that really sucks the energy out of the project. “We are all in this 2gether, but not 2gether, but 2gether, ykwim?” Also, there is a difference, for better or for worse, between celebrities who have a million dollars donating their time and “talent” and image to a benefit song, and 57 YouTube singers who would murder their best friend for some extra pageviews (as long as murdering your best friend didn’t require LEAVING THE HOUSE). But whatever. This is not a time for cynicism. I think that we can all come together and agree that this video is kind of weird but that their hearts were definitely in the right place. Probably. Comment Rate Subscribe Share.