24 Reasons Why Kevin Smith Needs To Shut Up Now

Look, I can see both sides of the argument in the Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines feud. On the one hand, you have a millionaire movie director posing as an everyman raising a stink about a thing that he was ultimately at least partially responsible for because it’s not like all those snacks ate him. On the other hand, I do understand that the whole situation might elicit emotional support from people who themselves feel ostracized by society, and at the mercy of faceless corporations. And since neither side of this issue has to do with whether or not Kevin Smith makes good movies, it is still possible to remain ambivalent. This is America. We were built on ambivalence.

But it is definitely time for Kevin Smith to shut up now. I mean, it has been time all week. One evening of pointed Twittering seems sufficient to get your point across, whatever that point is, and to shame Southwest Airline employees for following their corporate policy in regards to your giant body. On top of that, Kevin Smith recorded a podcast to REALLY get his story out there. Fair enough, emphasis on the ENOUGH. Kevin Smith’s challenge yesterday to Southwest Airlines to a televised test of his girth was definitely a reason why he should shut up. But now Kevin Smith has provided an astonishing 24 Reasons why he REALLY needs to shut up now:

That is right. Kevin Smith has recorded a 24 PART YOUTUBE SERIES about this fucking nonsense. UNBELIEVABLE. UNACCEPTABLE.

Reason 1

Reason 2

Reason 3

Reason 4

Reason 5

Reason 6

Reason 7

Reason 8

Reason 9

Reason 10

Reason 11

Reason 12

Reason 13

Reason 14

Reason 15

Reason 16

Reason 17

Reason 18

Reason 19

Reason 20

Reason 21

Reason 22

Reason 23

Reason 24

Shut up now, Kevin Smith. Put some cake in your mouth and shut it. (Via FilmDrunk.)