On A Very Special Episode Of The Insider

Uh no, that was not “very hard to watch,” lady who said that, whoever you are. It was the opposite of “very hard to watch.” Unless you have the words “hard” and “awesome” confused. (You fell down. You’re underground. You’re upside down. You’re freaking out!) Although it was very dramatic to watch. Because of the music. “Tom, can you make sure that the music is even more dramatic than usual. We want the viewers to understand that this is very very dramatic. If you can’t find music dramatic enough let me know, I’ve got a guy at Lifetime I can call.”

Also, Gary Coleman is seriously the Insult King. “You can walk off the same plank and drown yourself in the ocean”? “I don’t know you, and I don’t care about you, and your life doesn’t matter to me”? OH SNAP. He should seriously publish a book of snaps. It would be called Fuck You: A Book of Snaps by Gary Coleman. (Via Dlisted.)