Duh Aficionado Magazine: Ronnie From Jersey Shore Is A Jerk

TMZ has uncovered some of the raw footage from the fight that Ronnie got into on the boardwalk on an episode of Jersey Shore. Now, if you will remember correctly, Ronnie, who is built like a stupid lamp tank, was being heckled by a drunk dude, shoved Sammi (kind of), and then used his classic Windmill Attack before evading the police and running home to apologize to his girlfriend for the whole situation fiasco. But as this footage (after the jump) reveals, before Ronnie got into a violent conflict that could have easily been avoided by just going home or ignoring the man’s taunts, he also threw in some homophobic comments, which were carefully edited out of the show, because MTV is nothing if not a clever girl when it comes to keeping your reality TV characters semi-likable despite their natural impulses through the use of strategic editing. HOLLYWOOD MAGIC!

Haha. Faggots wear flip flops and are bald! Classic. Whatever, this is literally this month’s cover story of Duh Aficionado. “Cast of Jersey Shore Engage In Casual Homophobia On Regular Basis OBVIOUSLY.”

“No duh, Watson.” — Sherlock Noduholmes.

I’m still actually way more upset that the show acted like it was an OK thing to commit aggravated assault on another human being as long as you apologized to your girlfriend afterwards. This footage probably just didn’t make it into the episode not because it would have made Ronnie look bad, but because it was TOO on the nose. He is a human being, not a caricature, you guys! (Just kidding.)