Jay Leno Is A Sinking Ship

Extra is reporting that longtime Tonight Show band leader (and shorttime The Jay Leno Show band leader) Kevin Eubanks, will leave the program before or shortly after it returns in March.

“Extra” has confirmed that Jay Leno’s longtime bandleader and sidekick, Kevin Eubanks, is leaving “The Tonight Show,” as first reported by Lisa Stanley on K-EARTH 101.

A source tells “Extra” Eubanks “wanted a change” and decided to leave the show, adding that Eubanks wanted to pursue other opportunities. Another source says he will appear on the debut of the revamped “Tonight Show” when it returns on March 1.

Good for you, Kevin Eubanks! They say that the band played on as the Titanic sank, which really makes you wonder about what was going on with that band, you know? You guys, the ship is sinking! Get off of that ship! Anyway, here is hoping against hope that the entire Jay Leno crew realizes that they do not want to work for a denim-on-denim-clad scumbag and that when the show returns it is just Jay and a camera duct-taped to the hood of a $17,000,000,000,000 car.