The Black Eyed Peas Are On To That Next Level Shit (Literally)

“Imma Be Rockin That Body” video, you guys:

Really, Black Eyed Peas? You feel that you have earned the 10-minute music video? This is your “November Rain”? Fair enough, this is probably your “November Rain.” It is an epic of awfulness. I do like the beginning skit, though. The one where pretends like it would be hilarious if all of their music was just computer-generated garbage? It’s funny because of how a lot of humor is based on TRUTH. This video really missed the boat on showing Fergie getting hit by a bus, though. Whoops! That is like having footage of GOLD and not showing it. A frequent miss, Black Eyed Peas.

P.S. Fergie is right when she says that you guys are not robots, because robots are just sophisticated machines, they are not stupid assholes who think every day is Halloween and The Matrix just came out.