One Ginger’s Call To Arms

Here we go. HERE WE GO. Gingers, it is time for you to stand up for yourself, claims this one other ginger. And also people that are not gingers but really “support” gingers, whatever that means, you should make a video to show YouTube why (why what, exactly, again?). This is a together thing! I hope someone heeds CopperCab’s call. It could be just the thing he needs to get his message out there, whatever his message is. In any case, he’s got to do something if he wants to stop his numbers slipping. Got 2 keep those numbers up! The revolution will not have such low numbers.

I am surprised that he went straight for the unbearable Martin Luther King Jr. analogy without even making a patronizing stop at the Rosa Parks analogy. Something about refusing to get off the front page of YouTube or something? I know that CopperCab’s comparisons of his videos to the Civil Rights movement are inappropriate because I don’t even really know what his videos are about. A parody song on South Park? When people compare their struggle to the Civil Rights movement it is really useful to understand what their struggle is, and also that struggle should probably involve an entire class/race/sexual orientation of people who are being discriminated against (hair color not included), rather than one dude who got a FlipCam and a South Park DVD box set for Christmas. I’m not trying to be Professor Tone-Deaf Civil Rights Analogy over here, I’m just saying: yikes is in session. (Thanks for the tip, werttrew.)