Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

It’s hard to believe it’s only been three days since The Jay Leno Show went off the air. What stage of the Kubler-Ross grieving process are we in, does anyone remember? Momentary Relief? I am just kidding. There were no tears shed over that show except for Jay Leno’s bullshit liar tears over “being fired.” What a jerk. Speaking of jerks, there is still time to vote in the poll of who you think is secretly a big jerk based on nothing whatsoever. Blah blah blah, I know that there’s no point in even writing this post today since there’s no one here to read it: you are all out in front of your local Fandango waiting in line for Valentine’s Day tickets, duh. Good luck! I hope you are there with someone you love!

After the jump, this week’s five Highest Rated Comments, the Lowest Rated Comment, the winner of the Caption Contest, and the Editor’s Choice. It’s a Valentine’s Day miracle!

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments


Paul Rudd 8% (10 votes)

Posted by: in response to A Videogum Poll: Who Is Secretly A Big Jerk?
Score = 70


MTV: Based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire

Posted by: Lord Growing in response to MTV Needs A New Tagline, Team!
Score = 71


three babies and a baby

Posted by: PattyO in response to Best New Party Game 16
Score = 74


Inglorious Hamsters

Posted by: Notsewfast in response to Best New Party Game 16
Score = 92

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

I haven’t nominated any movies for a very long time so I offer these:

1. Sliding Doors (How the hell has this not been covered already?)

2. The Big Chill

3. Lawnmower Man (I understand this has something of a following but its time to get real people)

4. Brick

Posted by: west in response to The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Serendipity
Score = -25

[Ed. note: My guess is that we’ve got some total Brickheads in our midst, and if there is one thing that Brickheads hate, it is people badmouthing their favorite movie, Brick. Fair enough. Although, I’m not sure that we are really in Worst Comment Territory here. In any case, I liked Brick, west, but I respect your opinion! And with a score of only -25, this whole thing is basically a wash.]

The Videogum Caption Contest Winner

“Thanks for being so much cooler about this than Joe Rogan was.”

Posted by: tkc in response to The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Two Situations
Score = 43

[Ed. note: congratulations, tkc! You earned it.]

This Week’s Editor’s Choice

[Ed. note: it’s a tie!]

“Naw but” is juggalo for “having said that”.

Posted by: batteredgnome in response to A Juggalo’s Guide To Parenting

[Ed. note: Juggalos! They really have their own world, don’t they? It is nice that their world is so supportive and enthusiastic, but it’s too bad their world is so racist and homophobic (also misogynistic! Although that is incredibly complicated and I am sure Juggalettes would love to argue about it with you at a Faygo Summit with President Obama!). Oh well! In any case, this comment was both funny AND informative. We’re like a bunch of Dianes Fossey, studying gorillas in their natural facepaint.]

Why would a vampire need a watch?

Posted by: Spice Weasel in response to Videogum’s Teen Korner: OMG STILLS FROM TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE IN YOUR PANTS

[Ed. note: maybe it is just me, but Spice Weasel’s comment sounds like a pretty solid set-up for a perfectly decent Joke Book joke. And I love a good Joke Book joke. Anybody want to finish it off for him, is what she said?]