The Videogum Valentine’s Day Card Collection

Is there a doctor in the blog? Because you guys KILLED IT on these Valentine’s Day cards! What a bunch of Josephs Gordon Levitt you are! (That is a reference to (500) Days of Summer that is funnier and more clever than all of (500) Days of Summer.) Honestly, anyone who does not feel love welling up in their heart just looking at these is an actual forest monster, and definitely your boyfriend/girlfriend. Probably the most amazing part about this collection is how little overlap there is. I would not have been surprised if every single card was a Jersey Shore joke, but these really cover the entire range of in-jokes (and human emotion). There is something for everyone! Admittedly, I don’t get all of them. I’m sorry, Bingo Gas Station, but I remain entirely baffled by your Stone Temple Pilots card. In the words of Mike White in Chuck and Buck, “What TV shows do you watch?” But I’ve included almost all the entries here, even if I did not necessarily understand them, because that is what LOVE is all about. The few cards that did not make it came from people who made more than two cards (thank you, but relax), or people who did not use the Official Videogum Valentine’s Day card template. Also, there were two amazing animated GIF cards, which go all buggy in our photo gallery, so I have placed those after the jump. Unfortunately, science has not yet made it possible to send these cards to people electronically. The technology isn’t there! But please print them out and give them to your loved ones. And then explain to them what it even means.

Seriously, this collection would be proud on any RiteAid clearance rack. Lots of Love 4 real. XOXOX.

Happy Valentine’s Day, from Becca!

Happy Valentine’s Day, from Matt Versus!