SPOILER ALERT: I Know How Get Him To The Greek Ends

Get Him to the Greek trailer, you guys:

No offense to Mr. Hill or Mr. Apatow or Mr. Combs (none taken!) but I am just not a big fan of Impossible Task comedies (sorry to get so technical on you this early in the morning). An Impossible Task comedy, of course, is a comedy in which the characters find themselves routinely thwarted in their attempts to achieve a particular goal, the resolution of which would provide the dramatic and emotional resolution to the entire narrative. It is the driving momentum behind movies like Steve Martin and John Candy’s Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Billy Murray’s Quick Change, and the Breckin Meyer vehicle, Road Trip. As far as I am concerned, this genre of comedy is the Saw of comedies. It is just torture for an hour and a half, and then at the end you’re like, what was the point? Because I do not want to blow your mind or ruin anything for you, but HIM GETS TO THE GREEK. Maybe my dislike of these types of movies stems from the same place that causes my frequent anxiety dreams about not being able to get to the airport on time, and then getting there but being in the wrong terminal. But this is a blog, not a THERAPIST’S COUCH, isn’t that right Dr. Melfi?

Hi, Tony!

Anyway, I will almost certainly end up seeing this, but I might wait until they get him to the DVD. Get it? You get it.