This Is Your Hug: Hug-E-Gram

It’s one thing to order this. Like, OK, you ordered it. You called the number and you recorded your personalized greeting (“I have no idea how to express my emotions, buy meaningful gifts, or comprehend the value of a dollar! Happy Valentine Days!”) and you gave them your mom’s credit card number and then you just sat back and waited for the thank you notes and overjoyed tearful phone calls of incredible gratitude to just start pouring in. And I could completely understand if this ad was just made up of believably confused and potentially stupid people placing their orders.

But it is another thing altogether to ACTUALLY PUT THIS THING ON WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT IN THE MAIL. Those are the real creeps here. If anything, you should get this for your loved one as a test. If they put it immediately in the garbage then you will know that your love for them is true, but if they actually put it on, that’s a dealbreaker, ladies.

P.S. Mr. Business at 0:21? You know, Mr. I Can’t Put This On Fast Enough, This Will Be Perfect For My Big Meeting With Sales. He is your boyfriend no duh. (Thanks for the tip, Edith and Ben.)