Stretching Is Key

You guys, no matter what your exercise routine is, it’s important to stretch. Stretching promotes muscle growth and toning, and it helps prevent injury. Even without a work-out, stretching is just a really great way to start your morning, preparing the body for the day ahead. Angela Lansbury knows what I’m talking about!

OK. Well. Admittedly, this particular stretching routine took kind of a weird turn at the end there. Stretching does not always have to involve an octogenarian woman self-pleasuring in a bubble-filled jacuzzi while explaining the sexual possibilities of later life as long as one remains open and honest to the inevitable physical changes wrought by time. And I do think that my initial point remains largely the same: even if you are not a woman of a certain age confronting the universal conflict between sexual desire and physical reality, stretching is key. Probably. (Thanks for the tip, Meave.)