Things I Learned From The Hoodie Footie Snuggle Suit Commercial

1. The three most comfortable things that I own are slippers, hoodies, and blankets
2. But technology has never been able to put them together, UNTIL NOW
3. And I never realized I wanted technology to be able to put them together, UNTIL NOW
3. Marshmallow Soft Fleece is a type of fleece
4. Hoodie pajamas with zip-on slippers made for adults are “hot”
5. Footed PJs for women are all the rage
6. Other footed PJs do not keep your toes nice and warm. It is just for the style, I guess?
7. Adult women would like to wear the pajamas they wore as children
8. People think it is OK to use the word “temp” instead of “temperature” when it is actually not OK at all
9. Getting around is a hassle
10. People have been having trouble drinking tea in more traditional hoodies, blankets, and pajama combinations

The more you know! Bom-bom-banh-bom! (Thanks for the tip, Andrew.)

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