Beaker Meeps “Dust In The Wind” Like A Gay Retard

There are a number of famous stories about people submitting beloved manuscripts of classic works to publishers and then touting the inevitable rejection letters as proof that the publishing system is broken and blind and cliqueish. Now, I’m not sure how much meaning you can really draw from all of that. Things happen, and the cream eventually rises to the top, but maybe the cream gets some automated rejection letters from an overworked intern every once in awhile. And lord knows, there are enough books published every year, isn’t that true, Kate Gosselin? What I do think those stories suggest, though, is a general concern that the world is losing sight of what is even good anymore, and that is a concern I think some of us here may share. And it is only going to get worse as more and more half-literate 14-year-olds consider themselves the Gatekeepers of quality via Anonymous Internet Comments.

What I’m trying to say is: why can’t the Internet let Beaker be great?

Beaker is the original Ginger Kid. (Via TheDailyWhat.)