MTV Needs A New Tagline, Team!

MTV announced this week that it was officially dropping the “Music Television” tagline from its logo. Fair enough. It has been so long since that network actually aired music videos that there aren’t even any good jokes to make about it. “I’m pretty sure the last time they showed a music video on MTV it was the Cave Boys video for “We Started The Fire.”” See what I mean? Awful! The new logo is pictured above, and as you can tell, it definitely doesn’t say “Music Television” anymore. But, what, are you really just going to have a logo with no tagline?! Let’s get these guys a new tagline! How about:

“Remember Room Raiders? That Was Us Television”


“Birthplace of Carson Daly”


“The M Stands For Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino”

Feel free to suggest your own, but make sure that they are at least as clever and roll off the tongue as well as the examples above. Let’s not waste time with this if we’re not going to give it 100%.